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Digital coaching is open to climbers of all levels.  Coaching is a great way to develop and put into action a plan to reach your climbing goals.  Individualized plans are based on personalized goal setting, customized training progressions, injury prevention, and climbing specific workouts created around your unique needs. 


Coaching FAQs

We’ll start with an initial 90 minute interview to get to know each other and learn about specific goals.   After that, a short evaluation will help us determine baseline numbers for a custom program.  From there, we’ll work through a the details of a customized plan and training schedule.  During our time together, we will also be reviewing footage and meeting digitally on a regular basis to discuss progress.

At a minimum a hangboard with a pull-up bar, a small collection of weights/kettlebells, a set of exercise bands, and access to a climbing wall.  A set of rings or other suspension system would be a plus. 

In short, yes.  Training for climbing is best done with access to a climbing wall.  You are in for much better results if you have access to a gym or home wall that is between 15 and 45 degrees steep.  Access to a crag would work, provided it allows you a good range of climbs with freedom to move between them quickly.  An effective plan could be made around a hangboard set-up, but this is not ideal.

After we design your plan, you will have access to your training sessions via the TrueCoach app.  You’ll be able to see upcoming and past workouts.  For those who prefer a digital copy they can print and add to their notebook, you’ll get a pdf breakdown of your plan as well.

Climbers of all experience levels are welcome.  A big goal of a customized plan is to meet the climber where they are.  We’ll work together to create appropriate goals and training progressions. 

It is a short guided evaluation done in two short session and has you using a hangboard, pull-up bar, and body weight exercises.  Taking the initial evaluation helps to determine what physical factors are your strengths and what we will focus our efforts on.  This will also be a helpful tool to revisit for measuring progress.

A major part of training for climbing is working on movement skills.  Having a coach evaluate your movement and give you feedback is an integral part of the coaching process.  Providing footage of you in action helps us understand where we can help you improve.

We will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule the initial 90 minute consultation.  After that you’ll have access to your plan within a week and can get to work.

No two climbers are the same.  We each have our own unique needs, strengths, and goals.  Coaching is a great way to get the individualized feedback that you need to master your sport.  Regardless if you have indoor or outdoor goals, prefer to boulder or sport climb, working with a coach is an important part of realizing those goals.

Coaching Plans

Coaching plans are offered in 4, 8 and 12 week time frames.  All remote coaching includes initial evaluation, training plan, video reviews and coaching calls.  The initial call is to set up expectations of the coach-client relationship, set specific climbing goals, and share the necessary information to help create the plan that you will be using for your training.  After submitting your request for coaching, we will reach out in 48 hours to set up a call.

4 Week Plan

$ 400
  • 90 Min Intake Call
  • Evaluation
  • 4 Week Training Plan
  • Video Reviews
  • (2) 60 Min Coaching Calls

8 Week Plan

$ 700
  • 90 Min Intake Call
  • Evaluation
  • 8 Week Training Plan
  • Video Reviews
  • (4) 60 Min Coaching Calls

12 Week Plan

$ 1000
  • 90 Min Intake Call
  • Evaluation
  • 12 Week Training Plan
  • Video Reviews
  • (6) 60 Min Coaching Calls

Sasha Schwartz


I have spent the last decade involved in the climbing industry, focused on coaching and training climbers of all ability level and ages.  These experiences have helped to shape my holistic approach to training.  My areas of expertise include movement efficiency, mental performance, and power development.  I am an avid boulderer and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. 

Application for Coaching

Please submit your info for interest in coaching and we will get back to you within 48 hours to set up the initial call. Coaching is based on availability.